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Analytos Labs is a leading data science firm and AI-powered solutions provider with its own R&D center collaboration. We build LLM models.


New York



What You'll Do

    As an AI researcher at Analytos Labs, you will be responsible for researching and developing cutting-edge AI solutions for our clients. You will work closely with our team of data scientists and engineers to create innovative models and algorithms that can solve complex business problems.
    We are looking for someone who is passionate about AI and has experience in developing AI models. You should have a deep understanding of machine learning algorithms and be able to implement them in real-world scenarios.

Who You are

    You are a highly motivated individual with a strong background in AI and machine learning. You have a PhD in Computer Science or a related field and have published research papers in top-tier conferences and journals.
    You have experience in developing AI models using Python and deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch. You are familiar with cloud computing platforms like AWS and have experience in deploying models at scale.
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